Medicine Nu
Our life is all that we are. Life is more valuable for living beings. Moreover, life is a miracle of the universe.
Almost everyone dreams of a long and healthy life. And it has to be healthy, because a sick life, a life with constant pain, is a punishment.

Let's see how this problem was ment to be solved in ancient times.

I'll tell you a legendary story.
Long ago, when there were no people yet, the gods and demons lived on Earth, they lived for a long time, but to their regret, not long enough.
And so they decided to get from the depths of the ocean an elixir of eternal youth. They found a huge snake-whorl, wrapped around the biggest mountain, threw it into the ocean, and began to churn.
They were churning for exactly one hundred years. Every day the ocean would throw out different kinds of living beings on land, the last living creature thrown out of the ocean was a man.
Finally, the ocean started to boil, bubbled up and threw out the bowl, a bowl of the eternal youth elixir.
Gods and demons rushed to the elixir, the crowd was unmanageable. The young goddess, the most dexterous of them, took possession of the cup.
She promised to distribute the elixir equally, both to the gods and to the demons. And she asked everyone to line up.
Suddenly, an insidious demon in the shape of a dragon snatched the bowl and flew over the Himalayan mountains to the side where Africa Asia and Europe joins. He sat down on a small hill and presented the cup to his lips.
Of course, the almighty god and creator could not allow the demon to become immortal and eternally young.
As soon as the elixir touched the demon's lips, the creator's disc split his head. The bowl with the elixir fell from the hands of the demon and spread on that land. And three fruits grew there: amla, bibhitaki and haritaki.
Who will know the secret of using them, will forever be young.

Well, and where the elixir that touched the lips of the demon droped, the onions and garlic grew. The nasty and harsh taste of these plants cloud the mind and increase lust, and at the same time they kill many infectious diseases, treat illnesses.

Yeah, it's been thousands of years, but people have not learned how to apply and use these plants properly.

And now a little later, ancient medicine.

I'll tell you one more riddle for our generation.

Although for the Avicenna generation, it was not a mystery, but a scientific axiom in medicine. Many generations before us took it for truth.
So, the mystery theory says: food feeds plasma and mucus, plasma and mucus feeds blood and organs, blood and organs nourish muscles, muscles nourish fat, fat nourishes bones, bones nourish the bone marrow, bone marrow feeds the seed, the seed gives quintessence of life, which is held in the volume of 11 drops in the body and 3 of them in the heart. In addition, with each transition in this food chain, various by-products are formed.
And if a person is able to properly and timely cleanse himself of these by-products,
then he will never be sick and will live long and healthy.
It's amazing, is not it?

Now, let's look at our medicine, medicine of the 21st century.

How do we feel and think about a long and healthy life?
Medicine today: there are millions of highly-technological studies on animals and humans, pharmacological companies produce millions of tons of different medications,
Millions of laboratories, hospitals and clinics, advanced medical institutions.
The introduction of modern technology into medicine created the opportunity to collect billions facts for the development and improvement of preventive and curative areas in medicine. But unfortunately, we do not see any obvious results, people suffer even more, there are even more diseases, including children's ones, especially the constant growth of autism in children.
A great hope is the research of stem cells, as well as the use of activators of the telomerase enzyme, but the first attempts were crowned with lamentable results.
Although, humanity hopes for the imminent solution of these tasks of the scientific medical world.

Well, now, after a long introduction, I'll tell you what "medicine nu" is like. Well.
I studied Medicine for a long time, both ancient and modern.
22 years ago, when I became a doctor, I hoped for the baggage of knowledge received in the medical college. But unfortunately, this was not enough even in the first month of my practice. All the drug regimens and even some surgical
interventions ended not quite as described in the respected world-trained textbooks. That's when I had to take up the study of "all" medicine.
My work was not in vain, even in those years, patients who came
to me for help, they were happy with the treatment. And still doctors
colleagues say that many of them hope to see me again, even 20 years later.
Fortunately, there is the Internet and you can help people thousands of miles away.

Yes, I read a lot, but was it fruitful?
The received knowledge blossom only in practice,
if knowledge is not applied in life, it is unlikely that it will bear fruit.
But this requires conditions and circumstances. To my "happiness"
There were perfect conditions for the application of knowledge in practice.
Having moved to America, I received a huge dose of stress, and besides
my age was approaching the forty-year-old barrier. Then I took
examinations for an American doctor, passed successfully USMLE (although I am still looking for a residency), and the result was: type 2 diabetes, duodenum ulcer, alopecia areata, because of frequent meditations damaged inner meniscus of the left knee, moreover, because of the computer mouse on the right hand I grew a
ganglion hygroma (pianist disease). Well, all this could not but affect
on the male potency.
I was ill for more than a year, I thought after life was adjusted, all diseases
will pass. But unfortunately, the condition worsened, I began to lose weight and life
did not improve at all.
That's when I had to apply all my knowledge to save myself.
The treatment took about 3 months.
All illnesses have passed, yes yes, absolutely everything!

Oh, yes, first thing, I had a very bad breath and it gone. Well, besides that this method of self-healing helped me to get rid of all the diseases listed above, I completely got rid of the paroxysmal tachycardia that bothered me for decades. Another surprise was a sudden rejuvenation. And I'm great again! And it became good to live!
I then loved to take photos and video clips, got carried away by YouTube and uploaded a video, how I had a huge bald patch on my beard and it gone. Since then, the video has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people and many of them asked to give them medicines that I got rid of this dangerous syndrome, one of the terrible complications can be a complete loss of hair on the body, including eyelashes and eyebrows.

I could not give advice at that time, because I did not know exactly how the method works.
My task was to try this method of self-healing on a large number of people suffering from different kinds of ailment. And the years of observation and analysis began.
All those who addressed me for help in getting rid of health problems, mostly close people, were part of my "secret" study.
I can not name names, but the diagnoses were: systemic lupus erythematosus, hyper- and hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes, Crohn's disease, chronic renal failure, impotence. I helped all these people in different degrees. The degree of my help depended on many factors, including human capabilities,
trust in me, punctuality and accuracy in following the advice.
The Principle of Medicine Well has a direct relation to the aforementioned legends and theories in this article.
In fact, here are all of them. As you remember, the key point of the first legend
was how to correctly apply and take fruits of amla, bibhitaki, haritaki, garlic and onions.
The second theory had a basic principle in purifying the fine channels of the "digestive chain."
Well, the third part is modern medicine, with the help of which, thanks to laboratory work and analyzes, it is possible to skillfully calculate the state of blood and organs.
There is another part of the principle of Medicine Well, it's Nu-merology.
Thanks to numerology, it is possible to determine a person's constitution, propensities and his potential.
These are all what "medicine nu" consist of.

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